The choice of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is about more than just the software decision; it is also about business processes, relationships and system integration. Domain expertise is critical to a successful CRM project outcome, especially for wealth management firms due to the nature and complexity of this business.

Salentica offers unparalleled knowledge and experience in wealth management CRM implementations and how to best tailor them to work for your organization. We understand your business, your terminology and your systems. We have the proven processes to ensure successful deployments and ongoing support.

Salentica’s senior management averages 20-plus years of experience working with wealth management firms, most having held senior positions leading financial service provider companies including portfolio management software development companies to assess the unique requirements of each department in WRAP, SMA and wealth management software.

Why Choose Us

    • We have talented people and unparalleled support and service.
    • Salentica delivers the best client management solutions to help wealth managers efficiently grow their business and increase their profitability.


What sets Salentica apart from the crowd? Our only focus is on providing CRM solutions for wealth management firms like yours. Our staff includes experts in deploying and supporting CRM wealth managers. Our staff understands how you do business and the systems you rely on that need to integrate to your CRM. Your team will work with industry CRM experts so we can focus on the unique needs of your firm.

Salentica CRM with an Enterprise Deployment – On-site Needs Analysis

During the Needs Analysis phase, our team will be onsite with stakeholders from across your organization to pull back the layers of each department’s unique requirements. We’re here to listen to your pain points so we can design a tailor fit Salentica CRM for your firm.

Salentica CRM with an Express Deployment – Quick Start

This quick start deployment approach is geared to meet the needs of smaller firms that are best suited for a standard solution. With an express deployment, clients benefit from a proven solution based on best practices. Our data import templates provide an ability to be up and running quickly with client Contacts, Relationships and Accounts loaded.

High User Adoption Rate

CRM projects involving stakeholders from across the organization have a higher user adoption rate. We work closely with your team to ensure your solution fits your needs.


Salentica provides a depth of experience in data conversions unparalleled in our industry from a wide variety of sources to move your data in to Salentica CRM; including converting data from Salesforce.com, Goldmine, ACT!, and Outlook as well as many other sources of data.

Salentica converts and organizes your data in to logical tables in the CRM that allows users to query data elements in a logical and intuitive way. Data from your source system is cleaned and converted using Salentica’s proprietary mapping methodology. This begins with documenting the conversion needs, providing easy to follow mapping documentation that shows you where source data lands in the CRM, and reports on metrics for loaded data to ensure all that information is properly loaded. Conversions are iterative and flexible allowing you to modify rules as you review it in the CRM



Salentica believes that training is an essential part of any successful implementation. Trained users are more productive and more likely to make the most of the new solution. Salentica provides training on all of its products and custom solutions, as well as the Microsoft CRM and SharePoint applications. As a company, Salentica works with each client to determine the best training approach and can tailor course material to match your procedures and business workflow, using the latest technology.

Some examples of training Salentica provides are:

  • On site group and one-on-one one end user and CRM/SharePoint Administrator training
  • Web-based group and one-on-one end user CRM/SharePoint Administrator training
  • Custom user guides for CRM and SharePoint
  • Salentica University’s client training library available on our website (client login required)


Salentica’s Support team provides responsive, accurate and targeted support based on their deep knowledge of the MS Dynamics CRM and SharePoint applications. Our support team is comprised of MS Certified professionals who regularly maintain their certifications and knowledge levels so as to better support our clients. Customers not only expect world class solutions but also responsive and knowledgeable support experts.

Your support plan is tailored to the deployment model you select. Ask us about our Extended Assurance for Microsoft Dynamics.


Salentica CRM’s solution and services are uniquely geared to larger firms that have their own specific requirements. Large firms have their own process and practices they need the CRM to support, rather than enforcing firm wide changes to fit a CRM. Salentica’s team have the expertise to customize Salentica CRM to your firm’s unique requirements. System integrations and rules based processes are just a few of the customizations we perform for our clients. If CRM doesn’t do something that you need it to, we’ll make it happen.


Salentica’s solution architecture services build on our deep knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint applications including extensive experience with troubleshooting difficult implementations.

Salentica’s technical implementation approach is founded on:

  • Installation and troubleshooting the CRM for Outlook installations
  • Best practices and guidelines on hardware and software recommendations
  • Installations and configuration of the CRM and SharePoint server software and hardware
  • Backup and recovery procedures
  • Assistance and planning for backup and disaster recovery, along with assisting clients to build their DRP and Virtual server environments

Salentica employs a team of full time software developers located in North America ensuring top level expertise, with high availability and ongoing professional development.

Our team of developers understand the unique requirements of wealth managers combined with the deep knowledge of the Microsoft and Salesforce database structures to deliver the right custom solutions for your firm.


The most trusted technology advisor for wealth management firms.

Business Process Optimization (BPO) drives efficiency and supports growth through faster business execution with higher satisfaction levels for clients and staff. For many wealth firms, BPO is the first step in driving value from a wealth firm’s CRM solution.

Salentica helps you define a set of steps that lead to a predictable outcome – efficiency, consistency and reduction of risk. Each step involves an analysis with the parties involved in the process, resulting in documentation that leads to the next step. A typical BPO project includes:

  • Objective Development
  • Process Consistency
  • Process Improvement
  • Exception Management
  • Process Ownership
  • Documentation
  • Workflow Automation

With an optimized and documented business process, intuitive workflow automations, CRM dashboards and reports can provide users and management with the views and tools needed to confirm achievement of the target goals defined for the process.