Why Choose Salentica?

CRMs For Better Client Service

Salentica puts an incredible array of features right at your fingertips, with the ability to configure countless more.
We've automated the repetitive, delved deep into analytics, and integrated the very best tools to curate the most powerful web-based financial CRM available.

Salentica Elements CRM built on Salesforce Lightning

We'll Help You —

Use CRM to help grow your business

Grow Your Business

Salentica helps improve activations, create better campaigns, and optimize outreach. Through more focused targeting, better segmentation, discovering personalized content opportunities, and holistic customer views.

Amplify new business opportunities

Gain share of wallet with access to detailed sales history

Gain share of wallet with CRM

Showcase On-Going Value

It isn't always easy to know if you are saying the right things to the right client. But now, it's possible to answer their questions with more validity and in a more informed way.

Become more intentional and proactive in client communications

Meet the standards and expectations of this new generation of investors

Use CRM to automate workflows

Operationalize & Automate

Our workflow automation allows your CRM to do the work for you. Expedite menial tasks to reduce error and free up your employees' time to focus on work only humans can handle.

Ensure that no tasks slip through the cracks

Use rule-based logic to automate manual work

Meaningful Partnerships & Integrations

Integrate With Your Existing Technology
In A Few Clicks

Connect Salentica with the tools you already use, to have all your team's work in one place.
Saving your business money and boosting your employees' productivity.

Salentica is an Offical Salesforce Partner
Salentica is a Microsoft Gold Partner
Salentica Integrates with Fidelity Wealthscape
Salentica integrates with the Black Diamond Wealth Platform
Salentica integrates with SS&C Advent APX and AXYS
Salentica integrates with Orion Advisor Technology
CRM integration with Addepar portfolio solutions
CRM integration with Schwab OpenView gateway
CRM integration with TD Ameritrade Veo
CRM integration with Envestnet Tamarac RIA Software
CRM integration with MoneyGuidePro Financial Planning and Retirement Planning Software
CRM integration with MyRepChat SMS texting platform

Purpose Built CRMs —

Financial Services CRM data model

Industry-Driven Data Model

Not all CRM platforms are identical, and ours are built with proprietary data models, tailored to the unique needs of Financial Services Firms. Enhancing how you access, share, delete and reference customer data. While providing industry-specific entities that allow your CRM to work the way you do, without the need for expensive customization.

Organizes data through relationships for top-down and bottom-up customer, asset, and portfolio views

Financial Services CRM for total client control

Client 360° Control

Native features automatically record Last Contacted On dates and chronologically display relationship history details and sharable summaries. Delivering a complete view and deeper understanding of every customer.

Make sure not one employee is responsible for the health of any one client relationship

Easily share contextual knowledge and strategize your next outreach

Financial Services CRM for automation

Smart Automation

Smart automation means having an easy-to-use builder with access control, repeatable templates, progress trackers, and participant alrts. With the ability to turn CRM into the central nervous system of your business.

No-Code Automation

Build processes of varying complexity effortlessly

Financial Services CRM with Mobile Access

Mobile Access & Enterprise Security

Access and update information anytime, anywhere, from any device.Track your deals, manage your workload and respond to customers when out of the office. With complete confidence that your and your client's data is protected.

Security tools and practices incorporated into every instance

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