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So, you’ve selected Salentica to be your CRM partner. It means that you will soon have new software and new services available to you as you strive to grow your firm and provide better client service.

We work hard every day to equip and help you on your path to a smarter, more efficient firm.

Data conversion & implementation are just the beginning of this process.

Every newly launched Salentica client is given access to interactive training tools, on-demand learning resources, as well as live training sessions with our product experts.

We invest in your success. Ongoing education is supported by year-round training and networking events.

In addition, Salentica’s service team provides technical support for your Salentica solution.

Data Conversion & Implementation

CRM implementation requires a well-organized experienced team, proper training for employees, efficient technical support, and understanding the nuisances and intricacies of your business.

We offer two distinct options for executing your implementation, while they both follow the same framework. The main decision points depend on your internal bandwidth and the level of advanced product configuration or customization required.

We have experience migrating data from almost every CRM, file share, and collaboration system available. While they all have their intricacies and hurdles, our team ensures your Salentica system is configured with everything you need. All with no downtime.

Product Support & Client Service

Our Service team is here to support, train, and innovate right alongside your team. Their uncanny ability to marry CRM expertise and critical thinking ensures every minute spent using our products, is a minute spent driving towards your business goals.

  • Easy-to-use ticketing system
  • Live one-on-one or team training sessions

With years of experience and accreditations in both Financial Services and technology in the U.S.A. and Canada our Service teams are a wealth of knowledge – pun intended -- and always just a few clicks away.



Education & Training

Our Education team is continually adding to our product-specific knowledge bases. With thought-provoking ideas, sharing best practices from our community, and feature-rich articles that empower users to do more within the products.

We have created learning paths that coach users through best practices and fundamental administrative processes.

Our Education Team compiles and publishes product support documentation as part of their process. It is an efficient, effective way to keep documentation up-to-date and useful, capturing the collective knowledge of our Service Teams.

Professional Services

While we evolve our products according to industry and technology trends, user input, and best practices. We understand that you sometimes need custom development outside the scope of a normal CRM vendor.

So, whether it’s custom configuration, additional development, integration into a legacy system, or something else altogether. We have a team to help.

Our team will help consult and execute on the work, affects, outcome, and on-going operational costs of your project. All while communicating what all that means to future product update and release cycles.

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