Asset Managers Need A Specialized CRM


Gain new clarity through consolidated, accessible information.

Asset Managers are realizing that portfolio performance is not the only important factor in client satisfaction.

The level of service and personalization provided by asset managers—whether directly to clients, to consultants and influencers, or via the broker-dealer channel—can have a significant effect.

Strategic-thinking Asset Management Firms know the crucial Activities, Processes, and Relationships that bring them business cannot be left to chance.

CRMs for Asset Managers
Salesforce CRM for Asset Management Firms
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Accelerate business expansion with distribution analytics and proprietary Salentica features.

CRM systems form the nerve center of an asset management firm’s external-facing operations, uniting sales, marketing, and client-services personnel in a coordinated experience.

Centralize and quickly retrieve investment vehicle marketing data points. Understand wallet share analytics with consolidated reporting for multiple lines of business and unleash the value of your data to make faster and more precise decisions.

We Have 2 Core CRM Products

Our two CRMs embed different platforms at their base -- each with its strengths and differences -- that help creates and capture new value and scale.

Deciding between Elements and Engage can be as simple a decision as UI/UX preference or influenced by your current technology stack.

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An Immersive CRM

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A Cornerstone CRM

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Have the right conversations, with the right people, at the right time.

InTouch as a Client Interaction Service Module that automatically populates future interaction dates calculated from your Last Contacted On (LCO) date, and predetermined timeframes you have set for the Relationship.

InTouch from Salentica

Time & Expense

Automatically calculate cost from activity.

Have you ever wondered "How much did that interaction, with that client, just cost us?" Time & Expense automatically calculates resource cost according to your pre-defined rates.

Workflow Manager

Design and trigger automation without complex programming.

Making it easier to create and manage workflow, so your team can claw back precious time.

Asset Management CRM Software

Asset Managers are facing ever escalating demands. Needing to effectively foster the relationships that form the bedrock of asset management—relationships with consultants, influencers, broker-dealers, prospects, and clients.

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Over 10,000 users trust Salentica's award-winning CRMs to help grow their business, gain share of wallet, and automate repetitive tasks. Backed by 20+ years of experience and certified Service Teams, discover how Salentica can help you.

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