Salentica Integrations


Salentica natively integrates with some of the financial industry's most popular technology, to elevate your entire customer experience.

Native Integrations

Integrations Salentica builds, maintains, and evolves.

App Stores

Access to pre-built 3rd party solutions.

Download CRM apps from the Salesforce AppExchange
Download CRM apps from Microsoft Appsource

Low-Code DIY Builds

Configure custom data integrations through visual low-code builders.

CRM connections to IFFT
CRM connections to Zapier
CRM connections to Microsoft Flow
CRM integration with
CRM integrations with SyncApss by Cazoomi
CRM integrations with

Salentica is built in the cloud with modern development languages and practices. Allowing users to connect to external platforms and further extend the functionality and capabilities through a countless number of low-code or no-code user-friendly integrators.

Seamlessly connect Salentica with the rest of your technology stack

Making the most of your CRM data will reduce customer churn, uncover new opportunities, and level-up your customer experience.