Portals Provide Around-the-Clock Assistance

Modestspark makes self-service information available online, improving your customers' experience.

Modestspark from Salentica

A client engagement portal overview

Securely request and share files from a branded client portal, giving your clients an “always-on” gateway to interact with their personal financial information.

Advisors have the ability to share up-to-the-minute information on the client’s account balances, performance, allocation, and holdings. While easily collaborating with other members of your client’s financial team, like accountants or attorneys.

Modestspark integrates directly into the Portfolio Accounting systems you already use, giving you one streamlined tech-stack to simplify your business and engage your clients.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrates directly into CRM
  • Accepts data feeds from nearly any portfolio accounting system
  • Integrated Document Vault
  • Branded with your firm’s logo and color scheme
  • Dynamic Visual Reporting
  • An intuitive client portal

Modernize your client communication without having to upgrade your entire tech stack.

Bring hard to read tables and long format statements to life

Modestspark allows Wealth Managers and Investment Advisors to easily create rich, dynamic and visual charts and diagrams. Unlocking your data with interactive charts and easy to read reports. Giving you a client portal that elevates your business, and brings financial performance data to life.

Provide a secure and unlimited Document Vault

Load important client documents individually or in bulk, post shared files to everyone and share internal documents privately. Unlimited storage means you'll never have to worry about running out of space.

Leveraging Amazon Web Services as a storage backbone provides you with 99.99999999% durability for active, frequently accessed data.

Easy client on-boarding and registration

Invite clients to self-register with just a few clicks. And free up your Office Administrators or Customer Service teams by giving clients easy access to password reset and account maintenance options.

Enterprise-grade cloud security

Modestspark is entirely cloud-based, powered by one of the world’s largest providers of cloud computing resources. Your data will be stored in your choice of either a U.S. or Canadian-based data center.

Multi-factor Authentication is available as well to add an extra layer of security.

Conduct client reviews with one-click

Advisors see exactly what their clients see. Conducting client reviews with one-click, publishing relevant commentary, evaluate clients’ progress and execute goal tracking within one shared interface.

Modestspark Product Overview

Share up-to-the-minute information on the client’s account balances, performance, allocation, and holdings.

  • Secure Document Vault
  • APX & Axys Integration
  • Dynamic Report Building
  • Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Access
  • Bulk Document Upload

Features Built For Advisory Firms

Designed with financial clients in mind

A turnkey portal that will change the way you interact with clients. We've been building and evolving CRM solutions for wealth managers since 1997, and have designed the Modestspark experience with your client in mind.

Helping advisors service clients better through a simple to use, yet powerful, interface.

Powered by the systems you already use

Getting started is a breeze using your existing portfolio accounting system.

We support them all and personally walk you through the setup, guide you through your successful roll-out and beyond.

Complete control and delegation

Never show more than you want to show. Always have complete control on what assets you share with clients and when you want to share them.

Complete flexibility, accessibility, and convenience

Work from your desk, on your phone, or from a tablet with ease. Responsive designs preform on any device, and gives complete autonomy to your entire firm. Mobility is a native feature of Modestspark, giving advisors and clients’ ever-present access to their accounts and contracts.

Are we alone in this?

Does a secure client portal have to be expensive?

Eliminate client concerns over data privacy and security, before they set in. Modestspark, a private client portal elevates your professional look, that does not break the budget.

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