05 September 2022

1-Button Push Into Black Diamond

By SS&C Salentica

While Salentica CRMs are powerful on their own, the second most popular question we receive is, “Does it integrate with [fill in the blank]?” And while you can fill in the blank with any software product under the sun. The Black Diamond Wealth Platform is a very popular choice.

Salentica & Black Diamond: More Than An Integration

In fact, this partnership is more than an integration. Salentica CRMs are a primary pillar of the Black Diamond Wealth Platform. Empowering employees with easy-to-access centralized and updated data, an expanded ecosystem with app store access, one-click live support and training resources, industry-specific productivity and workflow features, and most importantly for this thread -- a 2-way data sync between systems.

Salentica and Black Diamond sit at the center of tech stacks for today's modern advisors.

As our sister company, it’s natural to assume (and you would be right) that this partnership is robust. However, it is also important to note, that it’s less about any specific feature or data point transmitted between systems. And more about the internal workflows you can achieve and the shared company vision we all push for, that underpins the success of this platform.

How we all work together to grow in the same direction and evolve over time, to truly become a central hub for your business.Both systems ebb and flow in the same direction, each integrating with other tools across your tech stack to make your job easier. Working together to gather, organize, and analyze all the data on your clients.

The Salentica + Black Diamond two-way data sync is more powerful than ever.

Consisting of new CRM buttons that instantly push Relationships and Activity from CRM into Black Diamond. This on-demand isolated data sync accompanies our nightly full import of mapped data.

Ensuring that your Black Diamond timeline is not overrun with internal communication. Instead, you are only syncing critical CRM data points back to Black Diamond to fuel efficient and transparent client communication.

Black Diamond two-way data sync with Salentica Elements CRM

Initiate the two-way data sync with one-click of a button from Salentica into Black Diamond

This integration now includes all of the following:

  • Relationship, Portfolio, Account, Class, Target, and Asset level data points flowing from BD into Salentica on a nightly basis - Existing Functionality
  • Contextual Linking to this Black Diamond Client view at the Relationship – New!, Portfolio, and Account levels - Existing Functionality
  • View and Download Recently run Black Diamond Reports in the CRM and view if they have been shared to the client portal - Existing Functionality
  • Pushing a Relationship from CRM into Black Diamond – New!
  • Posting events from the CRM to the Black Diamond Timeline – New!