21 November 2022

2022 Major Release 2 -- Engage & Elements CRM

By SS&C Salentica

The Salentica Product Team is always working to improve our existing offering. Check out what the product team has been working on these past few months and sneak a preview of what’s coming up.

Major Release 2 (often internally referred to as, MR2) is a significant release that will impact Elements & Engage CRM users, primarily through the addition of our Deals module and Data Broker consolidated canvas buttons.

MR2 will be widely available on November 29th and our training team will be holding product-specific release webinar walk-thru webinars on December 8th.


Specifically designed for deal management, Deals is designed to help M&A practitioners or anyone involved in the sourcing, organization, and negotiation process of acquiring firm-owned assets. Creating a centralized process that can be sequestered off or made widely available, to better manage active pipelines, and store important information on clients and professional business contacts. Deals is optimized to organize and track processes throughout a deal’s life cycle.

Description: Landing zone for collateralization of data regarding mergers and acquisitions. This new module will include new entities and objects that will benefit from legacy features like InTouch.

  • Store and work with specific information on potential targets and important contacts, and follow deals through the pipeline. Form better relationships with prospects by ensuring you do not forget critical information and past conversations while using proprietary CRM features and workflows to increase efficiency and collaboration.


Intro To Deals

Watch our Training team walk you through what Deals is, and how you can leverage it. Showing you how your firm can expand CRM use cases and drive adoption amongst other business units.

CRM for M&A Activity


Deals is an ambitious and very useful module not only for M&A but applicable to anyone handling non-client-related assets. For instance, this module could also be used for firm-owned or newly negotiated real estate and property assets (real estate office holdings for multi-office firms), intellectual property, and new or different books of business.


  • An organized collection of key data on targets and contacts
  • Easily catalog all communication with targets, such as calls and emails
  • Secure storage of all documents in one location
  • Strengthened collaboration and transparency for all stakeholders
  • Increased efficiency for practitioners and team members

Consolidated Canvas Buttons

New CRM buttons that instantly push CRM Relationships and CRM Activity from CRM into Black Diamond. This on-demand isolated data sync accompanies our nightly full import of mapped data. Ensuring that your Black Diamond timeline is not overrun with internal communication. Instead, you are only syncing critical CRM data points back to Black Diamond to fuel efficient and transparent client communication.

Description: Individual SSO/contextual links and action buttons for quick and secure access and data exchanges between commonly used systems. Currently, two-way is only available for BD for relationship creation/upload and timeline posts.

  • Reduce browser clutter, human error, and manual data entry with quick action buttons that sync critical data and activity from CRM into other mission-critical systems.


  • Don’t wait for bulk data updates and don’t put added stress with excess data transposition on systems by syncing everything all the time
  • Don’t accidentally sync personal emails or internal notes into other client-facing systems

Wave 2 (Engage Only)

Every year our platform partners release updates that our users automatically benefit from. Salesforce pushes 3 annual platform updates, and Microsoft pushes updates twice annually. These platform updates sometimes correspond with our proprietary development efforts and for MR2, Micosoft's enhancements have entered general availability at the same time as ours. Read on for details.

  • Easily search across all CRM entities with New Advanced Find
    • New Advanced Find on by Default – Now functions as a default relevance search. 
  • Improved UX on Forms
    • New Look for Forms – Interface cleanup with more contrast and better spacing
  • Integrate Microsoft Teams chat in CRM
    • Teams and Outlook Collaboration
  • Faster rendering, easier reordering, and pin columns for increased grid flexibility
    • New Grid Control
  • Extended Grid Aggregation Capabilities
    • Allows for grouping in grids, and aggregation
  • Use templates to better control and compose communication
    • Compose better emails with New Insert Template

If you would like to see more of all the features and new possibilities in Elements or Enagage fill out the Demo Request form and one of our Solutions Consultants will reach out to schedule a time.