06 November 2023

How to Get Started with Workflow Manager

By SS&C Salentica

Salentica Workflow Manager is now available for both Elements and Engage. Workflow Manager revolutionizes the way our customers use CRM, making their business processes more streamlined, efficient, and adaptable to their requirements. It’s designed to help ensure business protocols are followed, steps are not missed, and efficiency and productivity are increased for teams. To get started, here’s how we recommend clients dive into Workflow Manager:

1. Lay out your business process.

Although every firm needs to onboard clients or open a new account, each one will have different nuances that may be specific to them or a specific type of client that they support. As a result, we always recommend that you sit down internally and determine what steps are required for each of your processes. This can be a whiteboarding session or compiling your steps into a document. This will ensure that if you need assistance from Support that we can best answer your questions and guide you through the building process. If you don’t know where to start, we have Default Templates that you can use or give you a starting point on your own Workflows.

For Elements
Elements Workflow Manager - Salentica Default Templates

For Engage
Engage Workflow Manager - Salentica Default Templates

2. Don't overcomplicate it.

We know that Users want to do things that are simple and efficient. There are different tools and features of Workflow Manager that may help you to do this. Checklists are a great way to complete multiple items within a single step. This allows you to consolidate items and enables Users to follow the Workflow you create more easily. Approval steps also enable you to incorporate steps that may require a User to review for approval and provide feedback within your Workflow directly. This can provide a feedback loop so that your Workflow only proceeds forward when it’s supposed to, especially for steps that recommend Compliance or Executive review.


3. Use the resources available to you.

Whether it be Knowledge Base articles or requesting assistance from the Support team, Salentica is here to be a partner for your CRM needs and will work to help you learn best practices on how to best build and implement Workflows.

Resources for Elements clients
Introduction to Workflow Manager
Workflow Manager Templates Introduction
Checklists in Workflow Manager
Approvals in Workflow Manager
Elements Workflow Manager Step Layout Options

Resources for Engage clients
Introduction to Engage Workflows
Workflow Manager Overview
Workflow Manager for All Users
Customizing Workflow Manager
Workflow Manager Step Layout Options
Approvals in Workflow Manager
Checklists in Workflow Manager

Next steps for clients

Have your Designated Support Contact submit a ticket to our support team and you will be contacted to discuss your upgrade needs. We recommend all firms to be within 2 current versions.

Unsure which version you're on?

Use these links to determine which version of Engage of Elements you are currently running:

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