18 July 2023

How We Built a Custom Automation to Handle a Complex Money Movement Order Request

By SS&C Salentica

From the Professional Services Corner

Salentica Professional Services can help with a variety of projects including acquisition data migrations, workflow automations, custom report generation and more! To show how our team is helping Salentica customers, here is a recent project we delivered for a client:


Custom Automation for Money Movement Order Request Approval Process



One of our clients sought assistance from the Professional Services Team to build an automated approval process for their money movement order requests. Top advisory firms are focused on streamlining approval processes to deliver the best service that they can to clients. In this client’s case, they were looking for a wide variety of automations and workflows to aid in speed of service to clients, including:

  • Pre-validation checks prior to record saves
  • Conditional logic that would account for a one or two approver situation
  • In-app and email notifications during stages of the approval process
  • A rejected and approved path for order requests
  • The ability for the requestor to cancel a request order
  • Traceable compliance program and auditing capability
  • Granting of access to the specific request order
  • Automated storage into corresponding SharePoint folders

The Salentica Professional Services Team can help our clients build processes in their Engage Environment using custom plug-ins and/or the native resources within the Microsoft Dynamics platform. This process would work in a similar fashion for our clients using Salentica Elements.

How We Helped

The project for this client began with a few general scoping calls to establish the necessary business requirements and resources needed to create these automations. These calls set the level of professionalism and expectations from both parties involved to successfully execute on the project itself and prevented unnecessary costs downstream to the client in either time or money. Understanding the entire scope allowed the Salentica Team to ensure they had the necessary bandwidth to deliver the project from start to finish.

This client came prepared with their desired processes visually mapped out from start to finish using Lucidchart, although another visual workflow diagram application or word processor such as Microsoft Word have worked as well. This diagram served as a great visual aid to clarify business requirements for our Professional Services Team, further ensuring proper project delivery with desired functionality.

After these scoping calls, the Professional Services Team built these processes out in a sandbox environment where the client then performed a series of their own scenario testing exercises. Professional Services also built out a network of corresponding SharePoint folders to store certain pieces of client data adhering to the firm’s existing file structure. Client feedback was collected during and after testing to determine if any rework was needed prior to deploying to the client’s production environment and relayed back to the Project Consultant via phone call/ email or service ticket. Input was collected from as many users who touch these processes as possible to avoid situations that could arise downstream after delivery of a project and increase the likelihood of user adoption. After all processes were approved by the client, they were then deployed in the client’s production environment.

The Result

Using a combination of Business Rules, Power Automates, a custom plug-in, and custom tables, our Professional Services Team successfully delivered this project within the timeframe established in scoping calls. The client has been satisfied with the spend and the results that were delivered.

By automating their money movement order request approval process, this client has been able to significantly reduce the time needed to perform advisory services for their clients. This makes for a happier customer base, increasing client retention, and often leading to additional investment from clients who are satisfied from good quality of service.


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