18 July 2023

Smooth and Seamless CRM Data Migration

By SS&C Salentica

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CRM Data Migrations One of the Most Asked Tasks of Professional Services


One of our clients acquired a small breakaway group of users which increased their pipeline and book of business. However, this breakaway group’s client relationship management (CRM) data was still siloed making it difficult for management to measure results on the business as a whole. For leaders of advisory groups, having all client data under one roof is critical for making effective decisions about where to allocate resources for their investors. As a result, they often want data migrations to happen ASAP. This client needed our team’s help with taking a flat file database backup from a legacy CRM and prepare it to be migrated into their Elements environment.

The Salentica Professional Services Team can help you with data migration efforts when it comes to moving data from another CRM system or a flat file to Elements (this process would work in the same way for Salentica Engage customers). Supplemental data migrations are one of the most frequent requests of our Professional Services Team and our team can be a resource to your firm with importing data into your CRM environment, whether you have acquired a new firm, hired a new employee who is bringing over a client roster, or discovered a legacy flat file that can supplement your current customer data.

Data stewardship is paramount for CRM users accepting the information within the CRM to be accurate and useable in the daily operation of their business. Without proper due diligence prior to loading data into your CRM it can quickly dirty up the data with bad and inaccurate information due to duplicate records, bad data mapping, or a host of potential migration issues. Data migrations can take several weeks to several months based on the volume and complexity of data being migrated, so having a team alongside you during this project is critical to success.

How We Helped

The process for this client began with a data mapping exercise to ensure that source data was correctly assigned to target data fields which took place over a few sessions with the Project Consultant. From there, the Project Consultant handed the reins over to our Data Engineer to perform the data translations via data scripts to prepare the data for import into the staging database.

After this component of the project was complete the Data Engineer performed the import of data into the sandbox environment of the client. The Project Consultant verified the record counts with the Data Engineer prior to connecting with the client to perform validation of the data in the sandbox. This staging data base was a replication of the source data set provided by the client, created to hold the source data and prepare for editing during the project.

  1. The first data load was reviewed by the client team for accuracy and location within their CRM environment, whose feedback allowed our Data Engineering team to adjust their scripts and Professional Services Team to address any issues with data mapping.
  2. The second data load provided the Data Engineering team with a realistic timeline for loading the data when they deployed to the client’s production environment and allowed for another round of data validation checks to assure corrections met their business requirements based on feedback from the first data load.

After these two data loads were complete, client data was migrated to the production environment. Our Project Consultant validated the data load and reviewed the record count for consistency between source and target, to ensure that the migration to the production environment was successful.

The Result

A more holistic view of CRM data allowed advisory leaders to get a better understanding of what was going on with their firm: who needed better service, upsell opportunities between previously siloed customer groups, the overall health of revenue in the business, etc. Now with all client data in one CRM environment, managers and advisors alike could make more effective decisions on the services which they provide to investors.

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