16 June 2021

No, we don’t do free trials, here’s why.

By SS&C Salentica

We've found that free trials really only work if customers can deploy the product successfully themselves. If not completely on your own, with minimal oversight, and do this relatively quickly.

Our CRMs, or any CRM that is worth its weight, does not translate well into a self install. CRMs hinge on the data it stores, and how the CRM leverages that data to improve your workflow. More often than not, your data is disorganized, stored in various legacy systems, split across Relationship Managers and not uniform, or too cumbersome to even get your mind around. Then, once you finally corral this disparate data, you'll have to convert various data types, re-format, prepare a load file, and import your data into a hierarchical structure that your just getting familiar with.

The point being made here, is that a free trial is useless if the data is foreign or non-existent.

Here at Salentica we don't just sell you something and wish you luck. We work to understand your business then walk lock-step with you to implement a CRM that answers all your business questions. So, turning over a free trial of our products with industry-specific proprietary features, that do not exist elsewhere, might not make the most logical sense.

We have learned over the years that it can be hard for customers to see value from any product until you have meaningful content in their system - data, users, etc.

So, instead of putting you into an empty state.

We work to build a tailored solution, trust, and real relationship.

why CRM free trials do not work

Don't get caught in an "empty" CRM trial, you need accurate data that translates directly to your business.

We know users want to watch our CRMs in action, solving real-world problems.

We have heard from customers (and even lost business) that when they were able to watch someone successfully use Salentica to accomplish their goals, and solve situations they described for us, allowed them to better picture using it themself.

You want to know more, than what you can uncover in a free trial

As our ideal client, we understand that you are in research mode right now, and want to know if our solution meets your criteria.

You want to know:

  • Price
  • Terms
  • Features
  • Integrations
  • Platforms
  • Unique differentiators
  • How we scale with you

We know every business is different, and internal technology, team responsibilities, and processes are unique. So, understanding your current challenges, pain points, and biggest needs lets us work together and examine compatibility.

Salentica is not for firms looking to do the same thing they are currently doing, just inside a new CRM. Our clients find the most success when they start to transform legacy processes. Leaning into our CRM and its strengths to elevate their client experience and the level of service they provide across the board.

We Work Together to Evaluate CRM Technology

Answering your questions about our technology and working together to understand the best path forward for your firm. Not overwhelming your team when there is a lot to grasp during the evaluation process. Spending time within multiple departments with specific needs to determine how useful a Salentica CRM solution is for them. Making sure we are covering the whole story before you land on any final decision.

Also, making sure we are completely transparent.

  • Being clear about what we offer
  • Straight-forward terms
  • Showing the features that will impact you
  • Discuss our robust integration network and its' capabilities
  • Show how the platforms influence the CRM product
  • Communicate our unique differentiators
  • Show how we scale with you
Simple, Powerful, Affordable.

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