30 July 2020

Salentica CRMs and Orion Advisor

By SS&C Salentica

Salentica & Orion Clients Benefit From A Seamless Integration

Access Orion Portfolio Data Directly in a Salentica CRM

Enhancing the connection between your portfolio management suite and CRM can help drive efficiency and add value, enabling firms to better map, locate, and sync data in the way that is most intuitive for their business.

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Creating a technology stack that enables the work you do in your most critical systems to be more connected and robust.

Data from Orion Connect can be mapped directly into CRM, via one-way sync. Opening up new opportunities to architect each platform to better support business operations.

Client Testimonial

“ARGI uses Engage’s Orion integration to get a clear picture of the client’s investment accounts without having to bounce between multiple browser tabs. The integration also allows for better coordination between departments at ARGI, because tasks, requests, etc. can be set in reference to the specific account in question.”

-- Jeff Drake, CFP®, PMP®, Director of Innovation at ARGI

Creating The Applications You Can't Work Without

Quickly and easily create new records in CRM or update an existing one. While our contextual single sign-on (SSO) allows you to log in without needing to re-enter your credentials.

The Orion & Salentica Integration Allows You To:

Access Orion Account-Level Data in CRM

Access Orion Household-Level Data in CRM

Use Orion Data in CRM Reporting

Bringing portfolio data into a Salentica CRM (Engage or Elements) via our data sync helps reducing data entry and update time, minimizes incidents of human error, requires limited set-up time, and offers secure and controlled access to other CRM users.

Orion Data Points Available in CRM


Orion Client ID


Total Market Value

As-of Date

Custom/User-defined fields


Orion Account ID

Orion Household ID


Account Open Date

Account Close Date

Account Type

Tax Number

Tax Status

Total Market Value

As-of Date

Total Cash Value / Weight

Total Equity Value / Weight

Total Fixed Income Value / Weight

Total Other Value / Weight

Custom/User-defined fields

As always, if you have questions feel free to reach out to our team via info@salentica.com.

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