01 May 2018

What Does Becoming A Salentica Customer Really Mean?

By SS&C Salentica

After your due diligence, internal team meetings, and demos, you eventually selected the best CRM for your needs. Landing on a vendor and their CRM product is time-consuming. It’s a big deal to finally become a customer -- able to receive all of the benefits and reap the rewards of your recent investment.

Here at Salentica, this is something we take seriously.

We understand the amount of time, work, and thought you pour into this process. We also understand the power of CRM and how important it can be to your internal software systems and your business as a whole.

This is why we focus so hard on helping you make the most out of your investment. We are constantly developing the product to better suit your needs and work in unison with your other technology. It’s also why we build out internal teams and continuously educate and train everyone here at Salentica -- to best serve you all, our customers, in whatever form and fashion that works best for you.

This focus on education is what builds community amongst our users, it helps to enable sharing and initiates the process of progress and adoption.

By offering a self-service help center for our 2 core CRM products Elements and Engage, as well as Data Broker. Our help centers also provide you with the ability to submit a ticket and schedule live 1-on-1 training with one of our Product Consultants. We also promote and encourage everyone to attend one of our routine solution-focused webinars, or take advantage of Salentica University. Our digital user adoption overlay directly in CRM.

These are all investments we are willing to make because it offers proof that we deliver, and it keeps us focused on creating the most remarkable experience possible.

If you have any general questions or comments you can always ping our inbox -- info@salentica.com -- which is monitored by a group to ensure a speedy response by the right person.

Obviously, your CRM duties are not over once you become a customer. It's simply one of the stops on the path to creating a community of loyal CRM champions amongst your team.