03 November 2023

What is Workflow Manager?

By SS&C Salentica

Workflow Manager is more than just a module, it's workflow automation and process orchestration embedded directly into CRM. Designed to efficiently control, manage, and run business processes. With Workflow Manager, you can use a series of tools to create and manage workflows that are uniquely configured for the various processes within your firm.

Workflows, which encompass multistep, repeatable processes, can be built and configured to manage internal processes. These processes can be associated with current client relationships, prospective business, or set up to automatically assign and track the status of task, checklists and approvals. For top advisory firms, these automated workflows form the backbone of efficient procedures, client inquiry documentation, and overall operational efficiency.

Workflow Manager revolutionizes the way our customers use CRM, making their business processes more streamlined, efficient, and adaptable to their requirements. It’s designed to help ensure business protocols are followed, steps are not missed, and efficiency and productivity are increased for teams.

We built Workflow Manager to take over the functionality traditionally provided by 3rd party systems that required additional expenses and resources. Our team sought to build a solution that would grow and evolve to meet the needs of Salentica users over time, all housed within the Salentica ecosystem. This way, we will enhance workflow capabilities more efficiently based on feedback received from our users and be able to become a more nimble and comprehensive solution.

Workflow Manager can be broken down into 3 parts: Workflow Templates, Workflow Launcher, and Workflows.

Workflow Templates

Workflow Templates are the foundation of the Workflow Manager functionality. Workflow Templates hold the details and steps necessary to complete your business processes. Here you can outline exactly what tasks, checklists, and possibly approvals are needed, in what order, how long these should take to complete, and who will be assigned to each step in the process. The Templates are then copied by the Workflow Launcher to create new Workflows with the same, repeatable processes.

Workflow Launcher

Workflow Launcher is the central location where all workflows are launched from. It allows users to copy all data and details from a Workflow Template into a new Workflow. Here you can assign the appropriate Relationship and add any pertinent and specific details for the Workflow in the Description, but the rest of the necessary information from the Template will populate once you save the Launcher, saving you time and effort. Workflow Launcher is the key to kicking off your Workflow using the data in the Workflow Template.


Workflows are the individual processes associated to Relationships that are created from the Workflow Launcher. This is where the Tasks are assigned to users/teams, and the status of the Steps is controlled. Workflows are where your team can view and work on their assigned Tasks from the Workflow itself. A Workflow will remain in an "In Progress" status until all tasks in the Workflow are marked as Complete, reducing any confusion as to where progress lies on a task.



Why should I use Salentica Workflow Manager?

The Workflow Manager simplifies both initial and ongoing setup, providing immediate results in task-based business processes. Its user-friendly design promotes quick user onboarding. As the platform owner, Salentica can efficiently enhance workflow capabilities based on user feedback, which is not possible with other alternatives. Simplify your workflows and focus on what matters most: growing your business with Salentica Workflow Manager.

Does Workflow Manager include pre-built workflows?

Yes, Workflow Manager features pre-built workflow templates to make it easier for you to get started. Engage comes with 5 pre-built templates, Elements comes with 6.


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