A Robust Schwab Integration to Fuel Efficiency

Have A Complete, Up-to-Date Picture of Your Clients’ Accounts Directly in CRM

Salentica and Schwab OpenView Gateway

Ultimate Flexibility

Real-Time & Persistent Data

Reduce the need to move between multiple applications to ensure consistency of data and reduce human error with real-time and persistent data ingestion from Schwab OpenView gateway into Salentica CRMs.

Put the focus back on client service


A 37% Increase In Advisor Productivity


40% Faster Decision Making


Increase In Client Satisfaction

Best-in-Class Proprietary CRM Features + The Leading Custodial Data

View and report on account information and create workflows based on Charles Schwab account and alert data, allowing you to be proactive about your clients financial needs.

Persistent Data inside Elements CRM allows users the ability to use this data for segmentation or workflow catalysts.

Schwab Integration Available in Elements, Engage, and Data Broker

CRM integration with Schwab OpenView Gateway

We actually build all of our integrations inside Data Broker. Data Broker is included in both Elements and Engage, as well as available to purchase separately for current Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics365 users.


A CRM that automates the repetitive, dives deep into analytics, and integrates the very best tools. Elements supports the total weight of your business with access to what you know, what you’ve done, and who you’ve done it for.


Engage embeds itself at the center of your workflow, to centralize and automate communication on all fronts. Optimizing every client engagement touch and internal process. Engage is an immersive CRM for every role.

Data Broker

A growing package of pre-built and maintained integrations with the industry’s most used tools and providers. Bolts onto exsisting Salesforce and Dynamics365 CRMs.

Features & Benefits

  • Persistent Data
  • Daily AUM Updates
  • Real-Time Data
  • Initiate Move Money Requests
  • Single Sign-On (SSO),
  • View Tax Lot and Gains/Losses