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What Does Salentica Do?

Improve Your Client Expierence With CRM

Improve Your Client Expierence

Harness propitery Salentica features and the power of centralized-and-structured data to optimize client interactions -- transparent searchable history, native email integration, and automated activity scheduling.

Structure Client Data With CRM

Give Structure To Your Unstructured Client Data

Most firms have data issues, be it hygeine or lack of structure. Salentica gives you a clean and organized house to create a tiddy home within. We have the teams to migrate and re-organize your data within our industry-driven data model.

Work-From-Anywhere With A CRM

Power Your Work-From-Anywhere Expierence

As cloud-native CRMs, Salentica data is accessible, editable, and expanded upon from any device on any network. Our inculded indutry-integrations also reduce browser clutter and juggeling various logins.

CRM Features For Todays' Advisors


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Salentica FAQs

Do you have 2 different CRMs? Why?

Yes, we do. We have two core CRMs -- Elements and Engage. They both accomplish the same things and have the same features, but the way you use them and the workflows used within will vary. We have 2 options, because our clients have prefrences and varying techstacks. Having 2 core CRMs allows us to be best positioned for success with and for our clients.

What are the differences between Elements & Engage?

The differences start at the appearance or UI/UX of each CRM. But the "under-the-hood" differences mainly come down to the platforms each is built on. Elements is build on top of the Salesforce Lightning platform, and Engage is built on top of the Microsoft CRM platform. So, the differences can mainly be attributed to how these platforms interact with other technology and how your firm is looking to use CRM software alongside your other tools.

What support is provided as part of a Salentica subscription?

Every Salentica client has one-click access to our product experts, available Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern time. Available for individual or group training, problem solving, or creative brainstorming. You will also have 24/7 access to our ever-growing knowledgebase and guded in-app tutorials.

You will also have access to our Relationship Management team who works to understand your techstack and ensure goals are met. They’ll also work with you to drive internal adoption for sustained value.

Do I need to buy a Salesforce (Elements) or Microsoft (Engage) subscription in addition to my Salentica one?

No. Your subscription with Salentica contains everything you need. Access to the our platform partners is embedded as part of your subscription -- including easy access and install to any external ecosystem apps available thru their respective online stores.