With a data model built for Asset ManagersSalentica turns generic Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics into a must-have tool at half the price.

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Use CRM to show up better prepared for client meetings

Show up smarter

Hold Smarter Meetings

Get a complete 360° view of every client and prospect. Leverage Activities+ to always know who has talked to whom and about what. Informed with accurate relationship history before every meeting.

Use CRM to get closer to clients and find new business

Get closer to clients

Proactive Reminders

InTouch makes it easy to record, create, and schedule activities for comprehensive planning. Proactively reminding you to touch-base and finding gaps inactivity.

Use CRM to close more deals

Close more deals

Close deals faster

Use Contact data points to easily find warm introductions from close relationships. Fully leveraging your team’s collective network and moving new business through the pipeline faster.

Asset Management CRM

We Have CRM Options

No Matter Your Preference Or Current Tech Stack

Salentica Engage CRM for Asset Managers


An immersive CRM to sit at the center of your business. Providing the best Office 365 experience. Including Activities+ to combines Posts, Activities, and Notes into a single feed.

Engage embeds the Microsoft DynamicsCRM. Allowing you access to Engage, directly from within Office365, as well as easy access to the Microsoft AppSource.

Total access to the Dynamics365 platform is embedded as part of your Engage subscription.

If there are changes you need within your Engage instance that are outside of our core product. We can assist you with scoping the work required and, offer custom development services on a time and materials basis.

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DynamicsCRM Included @ ½ The Price

Access to Microsoft AppSource

Web, Tablet, and Mobile Ready

Microsoft DynamicsCRM for Financial Services
Salentica Elements CRM for Asset Managers


A turnkey, yet configurable CRM with pre-built workflows and an intuitive UI. Coming out-of-the-box with native social chat, collaboration, and file sharing cabibilities.

Elements embeds the Salesforce Lightning platforms' core CRM product. Allowing you access to the Appexchange -- the world's largest B2B app store.

Access to the Salesforce platform is embedded as part of your Elements subscription.

If there are changes you need within your Elements instance that are outside of our core product. We can assist you with scoping the work required and, offer custom development services on a time and materials basis.

Download the Elements Product Sheet

Salesforce Included @ ½ The Price

Access to the Salesforce AppExchange

Web, Tablet, and Mobile Ready

Salesforce CRM for Financial Services

How The Salentica Evaluation Process Works

We leverage the power of the Salesforce Lightning Platform while expanding upon and adding specific Asset Management functionality, creating Elements. Allowing you to get maximum value from CRM.

Giving you a cloud-based CRM thoughtfully designed to meet the intricacies of your business and embedding the core functionality of the #1 CRM in the world.



Start by filling out the form at the top of the page, and scheduling time with one of our Solutions Managers. They will walk you thru our CRM options, data models, and differentiators. Answering your questions, sharing industry-insight and best practices, and helping your brainstorm the best CRM fit for your business.

Mobile Ready

Cloud-Based CRM

Access to 3rd Party Integrations



Continue discussions with our team, and together start designing what your Salentica CRM will look like. Thinking about your integration partners -- Portfolio, Custodial, Accounting, e-Signature, and anything else your team relies on. As well as data import options and deployment packages.

Platform Integrations

Security Roles

APX integration

Automated Workflows



We continulay build and expand our product functionality. Creating new modules to help with everything from efficiency tracking to digital account opening. As well as strengthening our integration network with new data syncs and partners. And investing in training and adding to our staff to best support and empower our clients through in-app walk-thurs, help sites, live training, and in-house product support.

Digital Adoption Overlay

On-Call Support Team

Dedicated Training Team

Elements CRM for Asset Managers works on tablets and mobile devices

Make your team the best it can be

Build deeper relationships with clients and prospects and increase visibility into their asset flows, client teams, and partnerships.

Improving employee performance and client engagement can often feel unclear. SS&C Salentica makes it easy to empower your team to operate at peak performance while eliminating clutter and streamlinning activity.

Traditional people-driven processes lead to disengagement and customer attrition

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