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Wealth Management CRM

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Use CRM to show up better prepared for client meetings

Show up smarter

Hold Smarter Meetings

Get a complete 360° view of every client and prospect. Leverage Activities+ to always know who has talked to whom and about what. Informed with accurate relationship history before every meeting.

Use CRM to get closer to clients and find new business

Get closer to clients

Proactive Reminders

InTouch makes it easy to record, create, and schedule activities for comprehensive planning. Proactively reminding you to touch-base and finding gaps inactivity.

Use CRM to close more deals

Close more deals

Close deals faster

Use Contact data points to easily find warm introductions from close relationships. Fully leveraging your team’s collective network and moving new business through the pipeline faster.

Asset Management CRM


Elements CRM for Asset Managers product sheet

CRMs For Better Service

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Salentica Engage on iPad and iPhone

Build deeper relationships with clients and prospects and increase visibility into their asset flows, client teams, and partnerships.

Explore the many ways in which an advanced wealth management CRM platform delivers ROI, by offering intuitive features that align with your business goals and that your staff will use to their full advantage.

Does it really matter if you were the first to do something if you are not the best?

Salentica has been building CRMs for the Financial Services since 1996 and taking our years of experience, iterative feedback, and priortizing customer requests to assemble the most robust and thoughtful solutions for our industry. Delivered in a modern web-based package that can work where and when you do.

Why Don't We Offer Free Trials?

For one, free trials really only work if customers can deploy successfully, on your own, very quickly. This is not the case here at Salentica. We don't just sell you something and wish you luck. We work to understand your business then walk lock-step with you to implement a CRM that answers all your business' questions.

Secondly, we have learned over the years that it can be hard for customers to see value from our product until you have meaningful content in their system - data, users, etc.

So, instead of putting you into an empty state. We work to build a tailored solution, trust, and real relationship.

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