11 January 2022

Multi-Factor Authentication for Elements CRM

By SS&C Salentica

Part of the power of our Elements CRM is harnessed from the platform it's built upon -- The Salesforce Lightning Platform. So, not only do our customers benefit from our on-going development efforts, but those of the Salesforce Development team as well!

In fact this collaborative partner approach is how 90% of customers leverage the platform; by relying on partner apps & experts. It's through this strong partnership that we have the power to do more for your business, your customers, and our industry together, than individually.

This recent evolution prioritizes security and user access. Combatting the vulnerability of reused, or weak passwords.

To combat this ever-present cybersecurity threat, Salesforce has decided that all CRMs that leverage its' platform must enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to access their CRM environment, starting February 1st.

Salesforce will be requiring the use of Multi-Factor Authentication starting February 1, 2022. And all customers are contractually required to use MFA in order to access Salesforce products.

If you have already enabled MFA for your firm and your users, you do not need to take any additional action at this time.

Salesforce will auto-enable Multi-Factor Authentication by October 2022. Making it a permanent part of the direct login process and removing controls for admins to disable it.

So, take the proactive approach of enrolling by February and start getting your firm familiar with the process now.

Communicate Changes

Your employees' habits will soon change with this roll-out. Currently, users are used to log in purly with their credentials (username/password). But with MFA users will need a new App on their smartphone or access to an additional security key every time they log in.

We also recommend that you activate MFA gradually by team, role, or department. This will allow you to better understand the issues that your users will encounter, and better prepare for their resolutions, before activating it globally.

For those who use Single Sign-On to log in to Salesforce, you will need to enable MFA with your SSO provider to meet these requirements as well. The following Salesforce article discusses the MFA requirements when SSO is enabled: SSO and MFA Requirement.

Need Help?

A great place to get started is utilizing the Multi-Factor Authentication Assistant that can be found in Setup. Once inside Setup, look on the left-hand side for, "Multi-Factor Authentication Assistant". Read the page and follow the prompts as a great first resouce.

We have also published an article on our Knowledge Base that provides helpful links and instructions for how to enable MFA for your firm: Salesforce Multi-Factor Authentication.  If you need any assistance with this or any other CRM needs, please Contact the Support Team.