Better Together: Black Diamond® & Salentica CRMs

Unlock even more value from your CRM, with a thoughtful data integration.

SS&C Salentica and Black Diamond Wealth Platform for Portfolio Management and Portfolio Accounting

Better Together

Working Together To Power Seamless Workflows

Advanced tools that power internal workflows to make communication more streamlined and efficient. This two-way integration includes critical data exchanges, contextual deeplinks, one-click access to Black Diamond reports, and on-demand CRM pushes into Black Diamond. But it's not about one specific feature, it's about the workflow they create. Sitting at the core of your techstack, these two products will fuel your day-to-day and create new efficencies for every employee, no matter their role.

Always Have Contextual Conversations That Move Relationships Forward

two data sync CRM and Black Diamond

Building A Cutting-Edge Workflow & Techstack

Integrations are powerful resources that can help you save time manually working with systems and data. With a powerful CRM at the center of your processes and integrations helping systems run smoothly, you can focus on doing what you do best — selling.

  • Relationship, Portfolio, Account, Class, Target, and Asset level data points flowing from BD into Salentica on a nightly basis.
  • Contextual Linking to this Black Diamond Client view at the Relationship, Portfolio, and Account levels.
  • View and Download Recently run Black Diamond Reports in the CRM and view if they have been shared to the client portal.
  • Pushing a Relationship from CRM into Black Diamond – New!
  • Posting events from the CRM to the Black Diamond Timeline – New!

Our SSS&C Black Diamond Two-Way Integration Is Available in Elements, Engage, and Data Broker

CRM integration with SS&C Black Diamond

We actually build all of our integrations inside Data Broker. Data Broker is included in both Elements and Engage, as well as available to purchase separately for current Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics365 users.


A CRM that automates the repetitive, dives deep into analytics, and integrates the very best tools. Elements supports the total weight of your business with access to what you know, what you’ve done, and who you’ve done it for.


Engage embeds itself at the center of your workflow, to centralize and automate communication on all fronts. Optimizing every client engagement touch and internal process. Engage is an immersive CRM for every role.

Data Broker

A growing package of pre-built and maintained integrations with the industry’s most used tools and providers. Bolts onto exsisting Salesforce and Dynamics365 CRMs.

Features & Benefits

  • Contextual Deep Linking
  • Daily Critical Data Syncs
  • Configurable & Customizable
  • Improved Workflows
  • Actionable Insights Drive Contextual Conversations
  • One-Button Push For Data Movement